Brian Reinhart works in the marketing department at a community college near Dallas, Texas. He contributes food and wine articles to the Dallas Observer, classical CD reviews to MusicWeb International, baseball analysis to Hardball Times, and baseball humor columns to Banknotes Industries. He may well be the only professional writer on earth who writes about both Beethoven symphonies and which baseball players have the silliest names.

Brian has taught a Rice University seminar on detective fiction, is a published crossword puzzle builder and unpublished novelist, and often uses semicolons on his Twitter account.

Brian took the photograph above at Saint-Étienne-du-Mont Church, Paris, France, in July 2014.

4 responses to “About

  1. Bill Vaughn

    Brian, please change the title of “Simple Man’s Guide to Hair Care”. the phrase “Simple Man’s Guide is trademarked.

    Bill Vaughn
    owner of Trademark

  2. Thank you for this most wonderful blog! I was searching for cathedral tours of England and your family’s trip came up. Very quickly I realized that this is not your typical travel blog! Bill Bryson should look out. It is so gratifying to find something on the Internet that proves some people can still write in English. And not just write, but produce wryly hilarious prose that is a joy to read. Thank you!

  3. You write entertainingly, perceptively, and well, which talent I hope will not be lavished on endless ethereal disquisitions on early modern British religion (or anything else). My wife hails from east of Abilene and we have been through Boerne several times. There are worse places you could be (including within Texas). Best of luck to you, and if you’re ever out Arizona way, stop by and say howdy.

  4. Brian,
    Would like to reproduce your articles on Brian’s Gothic symphony in the Brian Society newsletter; please let me know if this is ok.
    Many thanks.

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