This page is home to some of my finest work as a writer, editor, and photographer. Some links to writing samples are to PDF files; if you cannot open PDFs click here to download the required software, Adobe Reader.

General Writing

The Humanitarian in His Garden: an obituary for Dr. Norman Borlaug (link to Rice Thresher; 2009)
“Probably the best essay about Borlaug that I’ve read.” – Douglas Brinkley

Is a Fighter Plane a Work of Art? (link to blog post on this site; 2011)
Sex Crime in the 21st Century (link to blog post on this site; 2014)
Should All Art Be Happy? (link to blog post on this site; 2011)
The Culture Shock of Moving to America (link to blog post on this site; 2011)
Performers in the Boxes: Concert-going in 18th-Century London (PDF; academic paper, 2011)

Baseball’s Year in Review, in Clickbait Headlines (link to Banknotes Industries; 2014)
…And a Silly New Year (link to Rice Standard; 2009)

Music Criticism

Music for a Wine and Pastry Tasting (CD: Gaspar Hoyos; 2014, MusicWeb)
A Pianist Plays for All and Condescends to None (CD: James Rhodes; 2011, MusicWeb)
Why Easy-Listening Heals No Wounds (CD: Lavinia Meijer; 2014, MusicWeb)

Classical Music on Twitter (link to MusicWeb; 2011)
“Really a fascinating read.” – Joyce DiDonato


I am chief copy editor and fact-checker for all printed and digital publications at my employer, North Lake College.

I was editor-in-chief and lead copy editor of the Rice Standard online magazine from September 2009 to May 2010, having filled the same roles for a print version of the magazine since early 2008. Click here for a full view of my editing process at work (PDF).

I have experience editing to AP and Chicago styles and to British English, and, for North Lake College and the Standard, created brand-new house style guides.

Digital Photography

Click each photograph to view at original size. Photographs are presented exactly as originally saved to my digital camera; none of these have been cropped, ‘shopped, or otherwise altered.

Forest in Gotland

Forest on the island of Gotland, Sweden, May 2014

Granary, beneath the ruins of an 18th-century monastery, Guatemala

Granary, beneath the ruins of an 18th-century monastery, Guatemala, March 2014

Street pianist, Antwerp, Belgium, May 2011

Pipe organ, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, January 2011

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