This page is home to some of my finest work as a writer, editor, and photographer. Some links to writing samples are to PDF files; if you cannot open PDFs click here to download the required software, Adobe Reader.

General Writing

Music Criticism


I am chief copy editor and fact-checker for all printed and digital publications at my employer, North Lake College. My previous experience as a copy editor, at Pearson, cannot be disclosed because high-stakes standardized tests are top-secret materials.

I was editor-in-chief and lead copy editor of the Rice Standard online magazine from September 2009 to May 2010, having filled the same roles for a print version of the magazine since early 2008. Click here for a full view of my editing process at work (PDF).

I have experience editing to AP and Chicago styles and to British English, and, for North Lake College and the Standard, created brand-new house style guides.

Digital Photography

Click each photograph to view at original size. None of these samples have been cropped, ‘shopped, or otherwise altered.

Forest in Gotland

Forest on the island of Gotland, Sweden, May 2014

Granary, beneath the ruins of an 18th-century monastery, Guatemala

Granary, beneath the ruins of an 18th-century monastery, Guatemala, March 2014

Street pianist, Antwerp, Belgium, May 2011

Pipe organ, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, January 2011

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