GermanDeli: Best Thing Ever

Q. What is the best thing ever?

A. is a Dallas-Fort-Worth-area-based importer of, well, German stuff. Bratwurst, German-brand cheeses, bulk Haribo gummies, calendars with pictures of beers on the pages, buttercakes, German coffees, German magazines, and so on. You get the idea.

Anyone for Apfel-Streusel Kuchen?

Anyway, GermanDeli is probably an unlikely choice for my Personal Favorite Online Retailer Ever. But, Gott in Himmel, they are!

When I placed an order (kept secret for Christmasy purposes), I was treated to maybe the best online shopping experience ever. First, the actual ordering pages asked me questions like, could they substitute a rival brand if they were out of stock? and, should they just cancel if they were out of stock? and, most amazingly: what day do I need it by?

The first email I got began along the lines of: “Thanks again for your order. Our staff has just downloaded your order…” and then reached these heights of customer-service beauty:

“before we pack your order we’ll first check to see if your order will be affected by FedEx, UPS, or USPS weekend or holiday schedules.  If we determine that what you ordered could be damaged if it is on the road for too many days, we may hold your order until we know it will travel uninterrupted once picked up from our warehouse.  For example, an order received on a Wednesday afternoon that we see would be on the road for 3 business days might need to be held until the following Monday so that it won’t sit somewhere over a weekend.”

Isn’t that amazing?! But wonders were not about to cease!

Your order has been shipped and we want to provide you with an update on your final charges. As is our policy, your shipping charges have been reduced to reflect the actual shipping cost.

Yes! Shipping turned out to cost a dollar less than I had paid, so they gave me my dollar back!

That’s it. I love You should too. Go buy all their stuff. For example, you might enjoy knowing that they have 22-ounce jars of Nutella.

In case I haven’t made myself clear, I love All I ask is that they sell everything ever made so I can buy it from them.

P.S. Some of the runners-up for Best Thing Ever include actors reading lines from Jersey Shore as if they were written by Oscar Wilde, those churros I had in Spain, having a friend I’d trust with anything, and, of course, Perry the Platypus.


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  1. Sorin

    Oh my. Are you positive they are based in North Texas? They sound more like a Lake Wobegon kind of business.

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