Brush Fire Update September 20

All gone for now!

Over the weekend we had a whopping one inch of rain, the first measurable rainfall in months. This does not end the threat of wildfires in central Texas, not by any means (though due to the regional nature of the rain, some areas very near us had 3-4 inches rather than just one), but it does pretty much eliminate the risk of the fires which had been near our area last week. Before the rains came they had been reduced to contained little smoldering areas of brush; now they should be gone.

This is, however, a very good excuse to post a photograph my father took of the area which went up in flames about three miles from our house.

(This is a color photograph.)

Sorry about the recent blog-silence: nothing much is happening, that’s all!



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2 responses to “Brush Fire Update September 20

  1. Hey nice new header picture! I need to write you back, sorry! It will happen soon, maybe when I stop going out of town every weekend…

  2. Sorin

    the photo is a winter moonscape. glad to hear the fires have been contained.

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