Happy Father’s Day

Back in America, today is Father’s Day, for celebrating how great our dads are. If my dad’s having his way, he’ll probably spend Father’s Day reading a good history book, driving quickly on roads dangerous enough to frighten my mother, cooking burgers on the grill (charcoal not gas!), and watching a few episodes of the Red Green Show. Of course, if I had my way I’d be there.

But I can blog a thought at him: hey, Dad, one thing you’re right about that we don’t give you credit for is your sense of humor. Sure the puns are bad (or is the word we use “pun-gent”?), but if Mel Brooks and Airplane! taught us anything, it’s to keep going for the laughs. And, anyways, one of the most important things I can say I’ve learned from my parents is how important it is to have a good laugh, how important to approach life with a sense of humor, and especially that one should always maintain a sense of humor about oneself. We’re our own best material. That might seem an odd thing to say on Father’s Day, but…

You knew where that was going, didn’t you?

Have a great, funny Father’s Day. I’ll be back soon!



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3 responses to “Happy Father’s Day

  1. tort

    Wow I forget sometimes our holidays aren’t celebrated worldwide.

  2. Rory

    HAHAHAHA that’s an awesome picture of your Dad!

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