Bin Laden Home Linked to California Company

ISLAMABAD (AP) — The $1 million compound in which al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was found was constructed in 2005 by an American real estate corporation, local records show.

The complex, a three-story building surrounded by twelve- to eighteen-foot walls, with a large forecourt for the burning of trash, corresponds in design with a model home designed and constructed by California’s Bluth Company. Bluth Company founder George Bluth was ousted several years ago, and faced charges of light treason when it was revealed that his corporation had constructed residences for Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. He was eventually released.

According to sources who have seen it, the home located inside the compound is designed to the nearly same specifications as a home in which current CEO Michael Bluth and his son, George-Michael, live in Orange County. Customizations for the bin Laden residence evidently included additional sectional walls, privacy barriers, barbed-wire fencing, and a seven-foot wall around the rooftop patio.

“It just looked American, like Cape Cod design or whatever,” one of the Navy SEALs who participated in the raid said over a midnight teleconference. He asked that his identity not be revealed, before adding, “it was kind of like my grandma’s place in Mission Viejo.”

The Bluth Company has declined comment. Michael Bluth did not immediately return requests for interviews, and one family friend suggested that he may have fled to Mexico in the family yacht.

The company is not renowned for its construction quality, having faced numerous complaints in the past; it once built a model home which comprised a hollow facade. The Navy SEAL seemed unimpressed with the handiwork of the Pakistani complex, situated just north of the resort town of Abbottabad.

“It was a mess in there,” the SEAL said. “They’d obviously tried to mount a flat-screen TV on the wall, and half the wall just collapsed under it. The first season of Breaking Bad was still in its shrink wrap.”

The news exacerbates an already uncertain future for the Bluth Company, which has already been labeled a “junk” stock on CNBC, and which has seen its last few years of production halted by cancellation of major projects. Public opinion had not yet begun to forget its association with Hussein, and the Bluths’ image may now be tainted beyond repair.

Reached at an undisclosed location, family patriarch George Bluth Sr., who claimed to have dealt with Hussein by mistake and indeed was initially unaware he was speaking to a reporter this afternoon, ended the phone call after angrily remarking, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”



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    This is brilliant!

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    hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahha This is fantastic!

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