The Royal Photobomb

URGENTLY NEEDED: Your opinion. Which of the two people ruining the photograph below is funnier? Is the better photobomber…
A. The unhappy girl
B. The creepy guy

Answer in the comments!

Link to full-size photograph



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7 responses to “The Royal Photobomb

  1. Definitely the unhappy girl!

  2. Marjorie

    The creepy guy!!! Looks like a stalker! The little girl is actually funny! It would be even funnier if it was a little boy with that face!!

  3. Julie

    Def the girl.

  4. Caitlin

    Is the unhappy girl a photobomb, or a legit element in an awesome-sweet/awesome-hilarious photo?

  5. Zelda

    The creepy guy. He looks like he was photoshopped in from a noir movie. Why’s he hiding in the shadows? Hmmmm?

    The girl is just adorably/hilariously pouty.

  6. Creepy guy makes it scary, unhappy girl makes it cute!

  7. Sorin

    Unhappy girl. She looks scarier than the security guy.

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